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Original Title: Großstadtrevier
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ARD
Creators: Jürgen Roland
Description: Loved by millions of viewers of the characters most unusual American town returns to our screens! This means that ahead of us a lot of funny adventures of the main characters, who are not able to lead a quiet life and regularly adheres to a variety of troubles. At the beginning of the 21st season of the cartoon "South Park", we learn that the city is completely "captured" technology. Eric Cartman with his friends actively testing the possibility of Alexa - voice assistant from Amazon, which make students speak various expletives, finding it very funny. It is doing this zastaot Eric and Heidi - his girlfriend, where it seems that her beloved pays too little attention. Her new piece of claim causes another argument. In the end, the guys stop talking, but Eric thinks about what really is a love. At the same time the city started a mini-revolution - led by Darryl townspeople begin to oppose the expansion of corporations that are embedded in the normal life of various technologies. The man believes that because of this, people are losing their jobs. And when his opinions are beginning to share the other townspeople, all can actually result in a revolution ...

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