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Popular science documentary film dedicated to the largest coral reef on Earth, which is the world's largest natural creation formed by living organisms. Its true impressive size is evidenced by the fact that this amazing formation, consisting of billions of tiny coral polyps, can be seen even from space, because its total area exceeds the"dimensions" of the UK. Most of the unique reefs are now under the protection of specialized organizations, so in 1979, to limit the impact of factors related to human activities, the Marine national Park was established, and since 1981, this is a true natural wonder is protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Of course, this place is home to the most unusual community of living beings on the planet, bewitching its splendor and providing scientists from around the world a rare opportunity to discover new species of truly fantastic animals. It is no accident That the great barrier reef was chosen as the object of study by one of the most famous TV presenters and naturalists David Attenborough, who on the research vessel Alusia plans to carefully study the unparalleled ecosystem, even today, which keeps many secrets.