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Original Title: Genius
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: National Geographic
Creators: Noah Pink,Kenneth Biller
Language: English
Description: Cognitive series is a large-scale project of National Geographic, which will tell about the life of an outstanding man, whose incredible and, at first glance, absolutely crazy ideas forever changed the course of human development.In the center of events is one of the most famous and greatest scientists – albert Einstein, who made, predicted and pushed others to a number of scientific discoveries. A hundred years ago, he announced the existence of gravitational waves, which was finally proved in 2016-th year.As a true genius, our hero did everything in his own way, so he managed to make a splash not only in the scientific world. The life of our hero was also different from the everyday life of an ordinary person. Einstein married a cousin, which greatly impressed many contemporaries, for whom these feelings and such a decision were simply incomprehensible. The scientist resisted Nazism, knew many outstanding people of his time, was associated with Zionism and did many things that do not fit into the usual framework and concepts of ordinary people. A great man lived according to his own rules and laws, not thinking about someone else's opinion, knowing that he was doing everything right.

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