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Original Title: Fringe
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: FOX
Creators: J.J. Abrams,Alex Kurtzman,Roberto Orci
Language: English
Description: At the beginning of the show and the audience could not have imagined how far they will lead a fascinating event, covering the activities of three people: a Federal agent Olivia, a mad scientist Walter and his son, Peter, following in the footsteps of his father. They are a team investigating unexplained phenomena. But if in the first season of the series "Face" heroes had to act on our planet, in the fourth they will visit not only on other planets, but also in other universes. Olivia alternately works in his native universe, then in another, where there were her associates. Walter thinks that he is crazy, because at first he sees the images of dead son, and then he starts to hear the guy's voice. It affects the mind of a man so much that he decides to make a lobotomy, thinking that the problem is in his head. But Olivia stops time scientist his story – she, too, saw Peter. She begins to think that this is not a group hallucination, but the phenomena of a real person. Is Peter alive?

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