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Original Title: Frágiles
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Telecinco
Description: The action of the melodramatic film Victoria: a love Story unfolds in the 19th century in the cold Scandinavian country of Norway. In the center of the plot - the story of friendship and strong love of a simple son of Miller Johannes Miller and daughter of a wealthy landowner Victoria. Johannes and Victoria met in childhood and since then they are almost inseparable. They have become best friends, and in more adulthood age began to to experience romantic feelings to each other. But as the daughter of a wealthy landowner's future the girls are already solved. Victoria is waiting for marriage with a man from their circle, that is, with a promising young man from a noble family. Thereby young men is becoming an attractive and purposeful officer Otto, with whom Victoria also familiar with the early years. Differences in social class related to material and social position never bothered loving couple while we are not talking about the wedding of Victoria with Otto. But the tragedy of the situation is obvious, because Victoria can not go against the will of his father.

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