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So began the fourth year of the star Odyssey Earthling John Crichton. Recall that in the first season, scientist conducted a pioneering experiment, wanting to find an easy way to travel between the stars using the gravitational forces of the planets. In the success of his endeavor, no one believed, but, albeit due to an unplanned failure, the hero of the series "Far away in the Universe" was able to prove his case. Together with a small research module, it was sucked into the black hole that appeared, which "spat out" the hero for thousands of light years from the Earth. Caught in the midst of a star battle, he unwittingly took the side of prisoners-fugitives fighting with the "peacekeepers". For one year, the hero, along with new friends constantly fought with enemies, but then found a way to break away from them significantly. This escape did not lead to the final event, because space is vast, and there are many places where the team will visit Moya. However, the first 4 series of the season will take place on another ship - the Leviathan, which will become a temporary shelter for the characters, who had amassed himself a new enemy in the face of a team of mercenaries...

Televison show Farscape seasons available for download - 1,2,3

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