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Original Title: Fantastic Four
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: NBC
Creators: Jack Kirby,Stan Lee
Language: English
Description: Fantastic four is the first movie and the series is running again, telling about the superhero team and their adventures. nnThe Corporation spends a lot of money on research in a promising field of science, but does not get any positive results. When it seems that the work of scientists has come to a standstill, and funding is about to stop, withnnAlong with other pioneers: Ben Grimm, johnny and Susan Storm, reed goes in search of answers to an unknown world. Here they face force and phenomena that they are unable to understand. Experienced tests almost end in death for the heroes, but instead they get superpowers that go beyond the known laws. nnFantastic four decides to use new skills for the benefit of society, and soon they have to fight with a powerful enemy that is not inferior to them in anything...

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