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Original Title: Earth: Final Conflict
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: CTV
Creators: Gene Roddenberry,Majel Barrett
Language: English
Description: Well, dear fans of one of the most popular series in the world, ready to meet the long-awaited continuation of this funny story about restless friends and their adventures? The eighth season of the series"the big Bang Theory" online promises to please their fans with an incredible number of new unexpected plot twists. What is only the information that for each new episode of the new series, the main characters will receive a very impressive amount, if before it was 300 thousand dollars , now the figure has reached a million dollars. However, according to the fascinating figures of the popularity rating of this story, you can be sure that the company has such money, and the actors themselves really deserve such a fee. In the meantime, I propose to remember where it all started this exciting story saw the light back in 2007. Lived, then, did not bother two geniuses of the botanists of his boring and monotonous academic life. And so it would have lasted for a very long time, if one day with them in the neighborhood did not settle a stunning blonde who is trying to find herself in acting. Such an explosive mixture as the sexy babe and two old botany yet to find a need. Almost immediately, these guys start to be friends and it is not surprising that one of the scientists falls head over heels in love with beauty. But the best friend of a lover understands perfectly well that such a girl will never pay attention to a closed bespectacled man, and tries in every possible way to distract her friend from the object of sighing. This star Trinity and her dope friends for many episodes fall into a variety of situations, each of which opens them to the world of viewers with a completely new side. A huge number of film critics and spectators very warmly welcomed the novelty and with each new season of the big Bang Theory the number of devoted fans in love with these guys only increased. So here we have lived to the eighth of the season. During this time, our heroes have grown and strengthened, and now they care about completely new problems and concerns. The finale of the seventh season of the Comedy series online big Bang Theory has left thousands of viewers to suffer in agonizing anticipation, presenting the further development of this story. But what will tell us the new season?! What awaits the atypical Sheldon in his career and life?! Will penny and Leonard be able to consolidate their relationship sacred bonds of marriage?! What will the relationship end Rajesh and his new girlfriend?! And what details of his married life will please us Howard and his beloved Bernadette?! And this is only the small part of the issues that plagued the fans of this unique series…

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