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Original Title: Due South
Channel: CTV
Creators: Paul Haggis
Language: English
Description: A year ago, Benton Fraser came to Chicago from Canada to investigate the murder of his father, a police officer. Finding the killers, he turned into a person non grata in his native country, so he was forced to stay in the United States. Here the protagonist of the series "Strictly South" followed in the footsteps of his father-became a " COP " and found a true friend and partner in the face of Raya Vecio, a man who helped him with the search for criminals guilty of the death of the Pope. Along with the service of Benton began to take a tame wolf who suffer from deafness. Together they were able to solve many crimes. In the first series of the second season, men accidentally find themselves in a Bank at the moment when there is a daring robbery. They try to neutralize the robbers, but fail – criminals fight back and lock their partners in the basement safe. Now their lives are in danger-is about to be flooded safe. Will the guys be able to get out of the trap alive and unharmed?

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