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Uncle Scrooge worked so hard to save his fortune that now he does not intend to share it with anyone. But this does not stop him from taking care of his favorite nephews. Nobody said that money is needed to take care of relatives. Oh, Uncle will certainly find a way to get out and make everyone happy. Though that's not always possible to put family relationships and earning money at the first plan, because the enemy is not asleep. And everything in the district again staged another stir, so that ducklings need as soon as possible to get down to business and start to confront the enemy.< br /> Uncle Scrooge's Treasures are again at gunpoint, evil thieves intend to steal everything, and competitors dream of only one thing to ruin him and make his whole family suffer. Only they underestimated the Uncle's family, so just no one is going to concede to the enemies. Yes, and his own money and family also dream. So all the plans of thieves and other criminals are not so easy to be implemented. In order to confront this whole family, they need a truly ingenious plan. But that's what all these attempts will end in reality, and what will surprise us yet favorite characters?