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Another portion of the adventures of the twelfth Doctor begins very innocuous. We see that Doctor who together with Nardol temporarily refuses to travel. The two of them got a job at the University of Bristol, as much as possible entering into the image of the Professor and his assistant. As it turns out, this work is just a cover for the heroes who actually protect some important artifact hidden in the walls of the building. In the beginning of the 10th season, the Doctor meets with the cook from the dining room - a girl named bill, who regularly comes to his lectures and behaves carefully some students. Noting the zeal of the girl, he invites her to start individual training. After that, we become more familiar with the bill sympathetic to the other student - the mysterious Heather, who has a slight physical disadvantage: the curvature of the iris of the eyes forms an asterisk next to the pupil. Soon it turns out that Heather is not a man, but an alien, able to travel through time and space even faster than the Doctor, and without a "telephone booth". Bill, the Doctor and Nardol will have a dizzying journey that will give the girl a lot of new experiences, Nardol will fulfill its purpose, and the main character will help to find a new partner!