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At a time when the Ottoman Empire was on the verge of its dawn, power was in the hands of a powerful ruler. He was called the ancestor of the Eastern state, and it was under him that the beginning of development and expansion of the territory was laid. In the 13th century Ergogroup Bay fought Turkmen and Mongol armies. He managed to unite all the neighboring lands into one powerful and United power. It was this power that later became one of the most influential in the Euro-Asian space.
in those days, Anatoly was attacked by enemy armies, but the people were able to give a fitting rebuff to the enemies due to the fact that Ertugrul was able to rally people into one brave army. From the very beginning, these people lived in hundreds of tents, but after a time of their efforts was built a huge country of great importance in world politics. The hero was a charismatic, strong and strong-willed ruler for his people. He was able to influence the historical course of events throughout the continent. He was able to become a political symbol of the country, but remain a real man with strong feelings and unshakable principles. This is his story, in which he manages the course of events.

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