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Original Title: Dinotopia: The Mini-Series
  • Genres:
  • Family
Channel: ABC
Creators: James Gurney
Language: English
Description: A large number of dangers suddenly hung over the beautiful Islands of Dinotopia, where in harmony and harmony live local tribes and dinosaurs. Two different species for a long time built a trusting relationship, but the two brothers who arrived in this Paradise, will have to make a lot of effort in order to save the indigenous inhabitants from all adversity.Here and the evil sorcerer who wants to find immortality, from the experiments of which the earth shudders. Not far from the settlements found a herd of predatory tyrannosaurs, who prowl in search of new victims, and the sun rocks that feed the entire island of vitality, begin to fade. What should two ordinary people do in such a difficult situation? Will they be able to find a rational way out and cope with all the troubles at once?Beautiful fantastic series"Dinotopia: new adventures" is filled with dramatic events, funny situations and high-quality animation. Fans of long-extinct species of dinosaurs in this film is guaranteed to find interesting moments. This film project is great for viewing in our days, the benefit of its creators are not stingy on special effects, quality acting and great scenery.

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