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Introductory main setting of the second home - Chronicle of a youth is - as in home - A German Chronicle - the Hunsrück village Schabbach. While the first home series (Michael Lesch) turned around the lives of Maria (Marita Breuer) and Paul Simon, the successor format dedicated to the career their son, including Hermann (Henry Arnold). This grows up in Schabbach and goes after high school in 1960 on the way to Munich.    This plotline is holding a second great venue entrance into the home Chronicles of Edgar Reitz: The milieu of the artistic avant-garde, which takes place as part of the student scene in Munich. Henry is applying for a music degree and eventually get a place at university. Henry sought a career as a musician and composer. Yet his personal experience collides with the political zeitgeist of the 1960s. A decade later, the prodigal son finally decides to return to his home - only to discover that even here things have changed over time.    The second home - Chronic a youth comprises a total of 13 chapters with a respective run-length from 100 to 133 minutes. (MH)    The home Chronicles of Edgar Reitz    Prologue: stories from the Hunsrück villages (1981)    Heimat - A German Chronicle (1984)    The second home - (1992) Chronicle of a Youth    Heimat 3 - Chronicle of Endings and Beginnings (2004)    Epilogue: History fragments - The Women (2006)    Addendum: The other home - Chronicle of Desire (2013)