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Original Title: Die Sendung mit der Maus
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Family
Channel: ARD
Creators: Gert Kaspar Müntefering,Siegfried Mohrhof,Monika Paetow,Armin Maiwald,Dieter Saldecki
Description: Louis Costilla was the last of the old school mafia. His cold-blooded murder right in his own places of entertainment after a noisy party. Now is the time of others, and formed a new generation of gangsters. Now, any novice thief who has enough money to buy a gun, try to take the place of the authority of the mafia. Police suspect in the murder of Tony Kamont, a former bodyguard of Louis. Crime boss Johnny Lovo Tony made an offer he could not refuse. In exchange for the death of Louis Kamont becomes the "number two" in the gang, Johnny, who holds the key to the entire southern part of the city. Over time, the brutality and unscrupulousness Toni start rumors, frightening even the police. Meanwhile, a cold-blooded gangster tries to win the girl's heart Poppy, girlfriend of his boss. Johnny realizes that pace deputy soon "will replace" him permanently. He tried to reason with Tony, but he decided to take a desperate step: to regain control and the northern part of the city. The continuation of this fascinating history, you can see online crime drama "Scarface."

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