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Original Title: Designated Survivor
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC,Netflix
Creators: David Guggenheim
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot of the exciting series is Tom Kirkman - a civil servant, who holds one of the lowest positions in the government, whose duties include the supervision of housing and urban development. Suddenly, he becomes President of the United States, after a monstrous attack on Washington takes the lives of the current head of state and his main successors, going before our hero and able to take the post of head of the country. Immediately after the security services found out that his life was not in danger, Kirkman was immediately sworn in, after which our hero had to immediately begin his duties, because every minute of the lost time threatened with chaos in the headless state. And now our hero needs not only to calm the public shocked by this turn of events, but also to preserve the state. That's just a huge employment Kirkman negatively affects family life, which eventually begin to appear problems. In addition, our hero as soon as possible to find the perpetrators of the terrible incident, because there is no guarantee that the devastating attack that claimed the lives of the government will not happen again.

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