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Original Title: Defying Gravity
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC
Creators: James D. Parriott
Language: English
Description: American Comedy-drama television series"Shameless" is an adapted version of the eponymous series produced in the UK. The original project has 11 seasons, so the output of the seventh season of"Shameless" created in the United States, most likely not the last, and will equal the number of seasons with the original, and possibly ahead. The series comes out from 09.01.2011 years, and now for the past 5 years, collects the largest number of views, as a result, occupies the highest line in the table of ratings. All actions Shameless revolves around a large family in which there is only one parent and the alcoholic, he practically does not care about their children, if only there was a drink. Frank Gallagher is a cynical, selfish, and narcissistic alcoholic who is the father of 6 children. His main occupation is drinking, which he selflessly given, it is not doing their children, giving them complete freedom of action. Frank is not disabled, but he does not work, and does not want to work, constantly looking for different ways to receive benefits mmm. The wife and mother of the ill-fated family left them long ago, so Frank Gallagher met Sheila suffering from agoraphobia, persuaded her to move to them, so she helped with the housework and of course in order to be able to use her allowance for their own purposes. Fiona-the oldest of Gallagher's children, for the sake of younger brothers and sisters dropped out of school, got a job. She was of course responsible, and even managed to get permission for the guardianship, but she likes to have fun. Philip is the eldest of the sons of Frank, practically a child Prodigy, earning good money, taking exams for other students, also worked part time doing a small trade. Later, he entered the University, where he became close to the teacher Helen Runyon. Ian is the middle child of the Gallagher family, is not, his father's own son, since the mother had a relationship with Frank's brother. He is quite a strong young man, hardy, found a job, studying to be an emergency doctor. Carl, another of the Gallagher brothers, always had problems at school, later served time in prison for selling drugs. Also unstable mentally, which was expressed in the murder of animals, but very attached to his family, and ready for anything, if only they had no problems. Debbie is a precocious little girl who suffers greatly from the inferiority of her family and takes any trouble to heart. Liam-the youngest boy in the family, with a dark skin color, but what is remarkable, his parents are biological is Frank and escaped Monica Gallagher. < li>< ul > All the heroes of the series Shameless season 7 online, despite the troubles and difficulties in life, try never to lose heart, even in the most seemingly ridiculous and difficult situations. The new season will be marked by the decision of all members of the Gallagher family, in the end, to start life anew,"with a clean slate", but of course in abundance. The only question is in what ways they will go, trying to achieve the desired goal and what will come of it? Series Shameless season 7 series 2016, all the voice acting Alexfilm free download in HD720 it is possible at us on site at any time of the day!

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