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Original Title: Dag
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TV 2
Description: In October 2014, the world saw a new season of exciting TV series Revenge (or Retribution). The series Revenge is a modern look at the classic world-famous work of Alexander Dumas-the father of Count Monte Cristo. What's sweeter than revenge? However, revenge is a dish best served cold. In the center of the plot-a young and very strong-minded girl named She did not want to see him, did not visit in the Anger fills the soul of a young girl - father died in suffering by the will of evil fate and the even more evil people who slandered his good for them Having a firm character, a clear plan of revenge and the amount of money sufficient to not worry about anything, Amanda, now being Emilia Thorne, begins to implement the plan. With cunning, she approaches the first item on her list of revenge - father's Secretary Lydia. She's the one who gave false testimony against the poor father. Lydia will pay for the suffering of their family, as well as seven. From Victoria Grayson family is a cruel and dangerous not least our heroine, and are also extremely vindictive. The new fourth season will entice you with sharp turns of a plot. Duration of one series forty p

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