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Original Title: Crusoe
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NBC
Language: English
Description: In the centre of attention of FBI agents. The viewer is shown their past and present. They were trained on the basis of the FBI at Quantico and then to apply their knowledge in practice. Alex Parrish became FBI agents, in large part because her father worked for the FBI. However, in her youth, she didn't know herself at the age of 15 he was shot, thinking that thereby save the mother, but still she is haunted by her guilt. It is after she goes to study for an agent, her life becomes interesting and eventful. She finds real friends as well as enemies. For the first time, falls in love, makes a difficult choice, fighting for their ideals. A strong, beautiful, brave woman is difficult to determine which of those who studied with her on the basis of Quantico, is a traitor, and what secrets each of them hides. The base at the time when these agents are trained, directed by Miranda Shaw. She's a great, experienced agent. Without any connections, she became the Deputy Director of the base, and trying really hard to pass on their knowledge to future agents. Ready for any challenge. Her students are based on Quantico as Pandora's box, which hides many secrets. All of them are imperfect and contradictory. On the basis of they will not be easy, not all recruits will be able to pass difficult tests. In the future, some of these talented and well-trained agents will commit terrorist attacks and not one, but who?

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