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The beginning of the 21st century heralded the advent of a lot of people who call themselves true mages. They arrange public performances, which show the audience amazing abilities, but most of them – the typical charlatans, not capable of true magic.Another thing is Chris angel, whose performances are shrouded in a real aura of mysticism and witchcraft. Chris performs such tricks that other"magicians" and did not dream! Levitation, accurate reading of thoughts, mastering the magic of the elements-this is not all of his talents. The fans and the fans consider it almost a real divine person, though he loves to wriggle in public.The series"Magic of Chris angel" is a kind of television show, the success of which is built on the skillful work of the operator and the actor himself. However, sometimes Chris gets a little carried away, describing a particular trick that the audience begins to tire. But, in General, Mr. angel is a talented representative of the people of magicians, stepped a little further all of its competitors. Unique charisma, an interesting idea of performance and, of course, attractive appearance allowed him to win the love of fans around the world.