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Original Title: Cordon
  • Genres:
  • Mystery
Channel: vtm
Description: That ill-fated morning was quite ordinary. Residents of the Belgian town of Antwerp hurried about their business, not paying attention to others. None of the residents did not notice the "new guy" in town arrived illegal immigrant from Afghanistan, which is now headed to NiCd - national Institute for the study of diseases. Those passers-by who cast fleeting glances at him, and could not imagine that soon this man will be the cause of the introduction throughout the neighborhood hard quarantine. The Institute man arrives that get vaccinated against local infection-a standard procedure for all travelers from other countries. A little later, he becomes the target of local police officers who received a direct order from above to catch an illegal immigrant. He falls into the hands of captain Jock Dillan, who immediately receives other instructions - not to let the detainee outside the neighborhood, because it can be infected with a dangerous virus. When all this happened, no one could have guessed that soon the whole area will be surrounded by a high wall separating healthy residents from the infected. What is really happening in the heart of Antwerp? And what does the Belgian authorities have to do with this?

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