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Original Title: Casual
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Hulu
Creators: Jason Reitman,Zander Lehmann
Language: English
Description: A couple of months ago, it was different. Valerie was married to a successful and wealthy businessman. Raising her teenage daughter, she could not imagine how much her fate would soon change. Everything happened at that ill-fated moment when she caught her mistress in the bed of her husband. Her brother Alex had a wonderful life of a single male, suiting him one hundred percent. Crazy parties with friends, gambling football matches, alcohol on Fridays-how can a bachelor not like it? But after his sister got divorced, she needed a place to live somewhere. And she didn't think of anything better than staying at her brother's house. After settling in a new place, Valerie immediately established new rules and regulations in the bachelor's home. After all, in addition to her sister, her teenage daughter Laura now lives at home, which only complicates the situation. Now about the old freedom and cheeky way of life Alex would have to leave. Helping in the education of the girl, the guy freed time sister, and she can now go about their lives. Valerie quickly found a suitable job, but is not going to stop there. Her goal-to find a suitable pair for himself and his brother. The only trouble is that everyone she meets does not want a permanent relationship.

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