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Original Title: Casper's Scare School
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Cartoon Network
Language: English
Description: This picture - another example of how high-quality fighters shot at the turn of the century. The plot, images of the main characters, their relationships, the technical part - "The Jackal" has the highest ratings of all these items. The plot of the films based on the hype around the Russian mafia. It all started with US intelligence agencies Russian mistakes and when they carried out an operation to remove an important person. Case provernuli nightclub, traces not so much. But the brother of the dead man knows who should be punished, so sends a hit man in the White House. It is to this institution is relevant person, develop a plan for the elimination of the leader of the Russian mafia. To perform the job hiring elusive killer. His work costs money, so it can cooperate with only the most wealthy Russian mafia - one of them. Jackal gets a tip and reincarnating and using communication, more confident approaching the goal. Intelligence agencies know about the impending act, but can not catch the one whose face they have never seen. The only way out - to release on human freedom, which is seriously guilty before the law, but has a personal score to settle with the killer. Besides, he alone knows what it looks like the elusive criminal, it will probably fix the problem.

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