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Original Title: Cardinal
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: CTV
Creators: Daniel Grou,Jeff Renfroe
Language: English
Description: This is a detective television series, filmed in the genre of Noir. In addition to the main storyline – a direct investigation, which are the main characters of the series – there is a place and secondary. Throughout the story, we will gradually reveal the secrets of the past of the protagonist, and will witness how difficult it develops communication with his partner. Starts a series based on the story "40 mournful names," with the tragic incident. A 13-year-old girl named Katie disappears without a trace. Initially, her disappearance is not taken seriously by everyone, but the situation changes when the local mine finds the lifeless body of the missing baby. Forensic experts who arrived at the scene find evidence that Katie was killed. Finding instantly becomes the most discussed topic among other residents. As for the investigation into the death of a teenage girl and find her killer taken two brave detective John Cardinal and Lisa Delorme. As you have already understood, the main events will relate directly to the investigation. But at the same time, John will reveal his own secrets to the audience. From the very beginning it becomes clear that the past of a man is not easy, but what exactly happened in it?

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