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  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TBS
Creators: Ted Turner
Language: English
Description: We have before us a film of the last century, in which the fine handed down to future climate. In the sci-fi thriller, we meet with the first cyborg cop who must guard from Detroit crime. The film's protagonist - Police Lieutenant Alex Murphy, who ... killed one of their jobs! After that, a group of researchers proposes to revive the man and create a symbiosis between them and computer technologies. So after an operation on his legs gets longer an ordinary man, but something in between machine and man. The hero is no longer the name - he does not remember who he was. Now an advanced guard of the order that can fight crime at any time, without getting tired and regret. But things are going not so smooth as we would like. Robocop begin to attack obscure memories that belong to Alex. He did not immediately understand what it is, but when it comes down to insight, the cyborg discovers the first feeling is - revenge. Will he be able to become a man or his fate is predetermined?

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