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Original Title: Brynhildr in the Darkness
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Tokyo MX
Creators: Ken'ichi Imaizumi,Yukinori Kitajima
Description: Music becomes a consolation when there is nothing to hope for anymore. The film "in the dark" plunged into a cruel world where there is lawlessness and injustice. Sofia has lost her eyesight and has to spend a lot of time in her room. The streets of London are full of danger and the woman is not comfortable there. At home, she knows every corner and moves quite confidently. Blind hermit loves music and often plays the piano to cheer up yourself and loved ones. This is the last pleasure she can afford. Neighbors are sympathetic to the person with disabilities and do not bother.Once the performance of a piece of music is interrupted by strange sounds. Sofia realized that an outsider with criminal intentions had entered her apartment. The woman has no savings, but in the house there are close people. The pianist hears something terrible happening in the next room. Arrived at the scene, the police told about the brutal murder. Sofia no longer finds solace in music. She decides to take revenge on an unknown villain. But how to do it, because she does not see the world and will not be able to identify the offender? In its Arsenal only the sensitive and delicate ears. Watch the movie "in the dark" to see if the woman managed to implement his plan.

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