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Original Title: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: NBC,FOX
Creators: Daniel J. Goor,Michael Schur
Language: English
Description: It's been a long time since Jake Peralta's new boss joined the "COP" Department. During these months, he gradually changed, although until the end did not grow up. Together with Holt-thereby the new boss-Jake had to pass a lot of tests. In the finale of the previous part of the heroes of the series "Brooklyn 9-9 "were forced to become members of the witness protection program to hide as long as the FBI does not catch Jimmy" Butcher " Figgis. Now they have to adapt to a new life in which there is no place to fight crime. Moreover, despite the mutual antipathy, the guys are neighbors - their houses are next, which leads to certain problems. Now they are new names, Larry and Greg, and even go well, another job. Greg "Holt" works at a local amusement Park, and Larry "Jake" sells Quad bikes. At least that's what he says to Holt and the Marshal who looks after them. But very soon the former boss of Peralta learns that actually that tries to come to "Butcher" independently that as soon as possible to return to last life. Holt it seems a direct threat to their safety, so season 4 of the show begins with another of their conflict...

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