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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
At the beginning of the first season Alec hardy came to the town of Broder, where he received a welcome boost, and together with the local police officer Alice began to unravel the murder of 11-year-old boy Danny. Combining their efforts, the main characters were able to solve the murder on the beach by the middle of the second season, exposing the real killer. After that, the series focused on Alec's past. Series 3 of the season will focus on a new crime, but, according to information from the creators, this part will be the final. Hardy and Miller are beginning to investigate a case of sexual assault. The story has the same atmosphere as the past crime-everything will be so confusing that initially it is impossible to calculate the criminal. In the first series, Alec and Ellie learn that a local resident trish was raped and brought to a nervous breakdown. Having carefully read all the circumstances of the case, the detectives begin the investigation ... we immediately give some clues about who exactly can be a rapist – at some point the camera stops on the condoms lying in Jim Atwood's car. But should we regard this as a real hint or the creators of the show are just trying to confuse the viewer, we will understand only closer to the final…

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