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Original Title: Boy Meets Girl
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: ITV
Creators: David Allison
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot is a man who lost his wife and daughter. They were killed by a cruel maniac, for whom other people's lives mean nothing. Now inconsolable widower realizes that his most beloved women in the world can not find peace in the other world. To help them, he goes for help to people who not only believe in the existence of ghosts, but also do everything possible to get in touch with them. Following the ghosts, the heroes find themselves in a creepy country house, where, as it turns out, a bloodthirsty serial killer created part of his atrocities. Partners are armed with a variety of specialized things: serum, which helps to detect otherworldly entities, glasses, where you can see dead people and other equipment, which simplifies contact with the world of the dead. But they can not even think that the search for answers will turn into a terrible test, which can not pass all alive. Soon, a group of Ghostbusters finds themselves in a dilapidated mansion, in the rooms of which you can find various items. There are torture instruments, and gadgets for a criminal to death scored his victims. But the worst thing is that there really is inhabited by supernatural creatures don't look friendly hosts...

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