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Quiet until recently, a small town was invaded by sinister creatures. He turned into the most dangerous place on the globe. Uninvited guests terrorize the local population. It is not easy for citizens to understand the causes of the observed nightmare. One of the actors of the popular TV show faced a mortal danger because of his own character. The man quietly watched the new issue of his favorite TV show. At this point, directly from the TV screen appeared his character, a huge bear Bubba. The actor miraculously escaped certain death. the Police tried in vain to find the disappeared touring popular singer. The official version of the investigation looked completely absurd. Detectives claimed the visiting artist made a deal with the demon. Because of his own reckless decision, he is now forced to stay in hell. In the city there is an increasing number of Outcasts and monsters Bobcat Goldthwaite, bringing to the horror of the locals. The population is trying to massively penetrate the terrible place. The townspeople do not suspect that they have no way out. On the outskirts of the fugitives brought to deal in a former seller of old cars. He decided to give up trading, become a famous politician.