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We present to your attention one of the most unusual families of the animated universe. Someone they remind notorious Simpsons or Griffins, but the characters of the animated series "Bob's diner" in many ways unique. Bob - the main character-is married to Linda and together with her brings up three children: Tina, Gina and Louise. Spouses regularly face difficulties because of adventures of children. In particular, you'll be precocious Louise, which constantly involves a brother and sister in a dubious adventure. At the same time, Bob tries to follow the development of the diner, which is not easy for him, despite his excellent culinary skills. The beginning of the 8th season that the first episode will be constantly changing panache. Thus, the creators thanked the many fans of the project, regularly making fanarts. Also, we are waiting for a new adventure heroes. The Belcher children decided to get a dog and for this they are ready to do anything. First of all, they try to persuade their parents, but they refuse their request, explaining it by the lack of money. Then Louise finds an unexpected opportunity to earn an amount that will be enough not only to buy, but also to care for the animal.