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Original Title: Boardwalk Empire
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: HBO
Creators: Terence Winter
Language: English
Description: The United States government seeks to revitalize the nation and divert outside views from America's economic and political problems by introducing "Dry law" in the early 1920s. Members of the Republican party did not take into account that the introduction of the law will lead to an even greater, but already internal problem. Widely developed at the time criminal structures immediately took advantage of the situation in order to earn huge money on the underground distribution of alcohol. Organized whole clans for the transportation and sale of alcohol throughout America. The series is dedicated to several such groups. One of them was headed by the city Treasurer, a Thomson, known in criminal circles as "nucky". He's competing for territory with new York financier Arnold Rothstein. Assistant "nucky", Jimmy Darmody successfully taking advantage of the trust of the chief, began to compete with him in the shadow market. And then came the time when even bigwigs of shadow business has no place in such a rich competitors clandestine business Empire began to slowly deteriorate, and generally the time has come to radically change. In order to defend their territory, sharks shadow schemes put at stake all that so long profited, and prepare for the final, decisive battle.

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