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Crime drama Thriller from German Director Matthias Glasner. The main roles were played by jürgen Vogel and Thomas Heinze.The main storyline begins in the eighties of the last century. It was then that an attempt was made on a fourteen-year-old boy, whose body was shot and found in a pond in Berlin. But after the child was taken to the morgue, a miracle happened: he came to life. After the miraculous resurrection, he was sent to a children's boarding school, as no one could find out where his parents were. The homeless boy was sheltered and given the name belonging to the cult football star. Time passed, and matured flea had to leave the walls of the orphanage to start a new independent life. Unfortunately, the guy gets into a very dangerous and dysfunctional company from the street, which made him a notorious drug dealer and pimp. It would seem that life is going down the drain, and the main character finally lost himself. But he just takes up his mind, gets out of the mud to the princes and gets a job at the police station, and then becomes a happy husband and father. The truth of the dark past is not far away, so in its measured existence invade the ghosts of old sins and bitter mistakes.This is a difficult and difficult for psychological perception story, which is filled with pain, loss, bitterness and a desperate struggle for a better future.