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This film tells about how to fight crime in one of the cities, two police officers, very different in their characters and principles, but forced to stand guard. One of them is called PI zi, the other is In Xun. One of them prefers to sit back and let someone do all the work for him. He likes to spend time with a Cup of coffee, and that informants from the criminal environment independently brought all the necessary information on a silver platter. Another fanatically looking for criminals, which makes a lot of turmoil and gives problems to his superiors. He defends justice and the rule of law in society, following this too zealously. Once these two defenders of law had to become random partners and work together. Will they be able to work together and find a common language? Will they be able to solve crimes, even if the head of state is friendly with the mafia? How will they solve the murders committed by the twin killers? The plot of this series is very exciting, and it tells not only about the two main characters, but also about their environment. It is interesting to see how the police work in Taiwan, the police there are different from the domestic guardians of order. Constant action on the screen makes you closely monitor what is happening. Add color to this drama Comedy and romantic moments.