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Dipper is a pretty weird boy who just can't live without adventures. He is not developed for years and he wants to know the answers to all his questions, but that's not always so easy to get, and when he can not get what he wants, the guy is very angry and because of this gets into a variety of trouble, which to anything good but do not lead. But unfortunately in a different way with his character is the boy can not, because no one can not say exactly what to expect from him in the next minute. Here he is kind and sympathetic, and in a few minutes and does pretend that you do not know, only that he did not interfere. this time he and his friends are going to make a project. Thanks to him, Dipper planned to make a real discovery. Only as always something went wrong and his whole idea seems to have failed. However, the attempt to fix it led only to the fact that the guys were at the very core of the planet. Now they are waiting for a fascinating journey into a new world, which previously no one had no idea. But are the guys ready for what awaits them there and they will be able to do everything to get home safe and sound? Or can they about going home now and completely forget and they will forever remain in this world, which came by his own stupidity?