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A dramatic mini-series from Director Steve shill and screenwriter Alan sharp. The main roles were played by Joseph Morgan and Stephen Campbell Moore.The main historical events unfold against the backdrop of the struggle between the Roman Empire and the occupied Jewish territory. All this happened in the time of Christ 2,000 years ago. The viewer will witness the complex relationship between the two men - the Jew Judas Ben Gurus and the Roman Messala. A few years later Messala returns to Jerusalem as commander of the Roman garrison. His beckon secular way of life, the glory of Rome, as well as Imperial power. He can no longer be a friend to his old Jewish acquaintance, as they pursue completely different political ideas. After the accident, Ben, who stood on the side of the people for his release, considers himself doomed to slavery in the Roman galley. But he wants at all costs to stay alive, cheering himself with thoughts of revenge. But suddenly it expects a completely different turn of fate. He can return to Judea as a rich man. Now it is only concerned with one goal: to kill the former friend who betrayed him, and avenge the honor of his family. This is a film showing a fierce struggle for power, love, honor and revenge. Even the most honest and kind character is able to demonstrate meanness and cowardice in a difficult situation. Will the main characters be able to forget about hatred and suppress anger in their hearts to find peace of mind before it's too late?