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Original Title: Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Boomerang
Creators: Joe Ruby,Ken Spears
Language: English
Description: Back in 1969 saw the light of a series of comics about the adventures of a funny talking dog, his master Shega and their loyal friends: handsome Fred, incredibly smart Velma and quite simple-minded Daphne. Since then, this story has been filmed many times – produced full-length cartoons and serila, about the adventures of a fun company. The animated series "Be cool Scooby-Doo!"begins the story of the guys not from the beginning, but long before most of the events in the previous cartoons – friends just graduated from school and are going to go to College. This is the beginning of the first episode-Velma applied to all colleges of the country and everywhere it was accepted without question. Everywhere except the University of Kingston – this girl has an appointment for an interview, this fact hurt her, the heroine believes that you do not fit the requirements and will not be able to study here. In the interview she goes in the company of his faithful friends, begging them not to screw things up and not to destroy – but this boys in love – accidentally part of the city. But the girl's experiences were in vain-the Director told her that he was ready to take her without any tests, if Velma with his team unravels the local strangeness. Students began to be the Ghost of the founding father of the University, which scares everyone... and this is only the beginning, because in front of the characters a lot of different things, during which they will meet not only ghosts, but even aliens.

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