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The events of The TV series"Battlestar Galactica" are based on the history of the confrontation between man and machine. Somewhere in a remote corner of the Universe there is a chain of planets called the twelve colonies of Kobol. There lived and prospered people who have long left their native world. To help in the work they created robots, whose name is Cylon. At first, everything went as planned, but after decades of work, robots have grown wiser and demanded that humanity recognize their rights in order to become the same respected members of society. The people refused, and then the Cylons unleashed a global war, which destroyed almost the entire human population of the colonies. Only a small handful managed to survive, time to climb into space on the ships, and now they have to go a long way to the other end of the cosmic infinity, in order to find the mythical planet Earth, which they told their ancestors.This series, released in 1978, made a real revolution in the genre of space fiction. Directors around the world, inspired by the success of the presented film project, undertook to shoot such series, but not everyone was able to repeat the brilliant creation of American Directors and screenwriters."Battlestar Galactica" can deservedly carry the title of one of the progenitors of this genre, which is popular with the audience to this day.

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