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Original Title: Barracuda
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Language: English
Description: A fascinating Australian drama series tells a fascinating story from the life of great athletes. Behind great victories are years of endless work, training for wear, drama, personal problems and bitter experience. The main character is a sixteen-year-old boy named Danny Kelly. This name is still unknown in the world of sports, but in the near future it will be on the lips of millions of swimmers. And yet it's 1996. A young man arrives in a famous elite school in the sport of swimming. Here he finds himself in a completely different world, which is alien to our hero. People from rich families, Golden youth-all of them react without enthusiasm to the appearance in their ranks of a newcomer from an ordinary working family. Moreover, the new environment begins to make fun of the boy and build various machinations of a man who is not equal to them. In this new reality, Danny has a hard time. He has to fight for a place under the sun, giving all of himself and all his strength to endless training. However, soon it brings a future star fruit. With the support of a wise and talented coach, as well as his friend, the boy quickly catches up and surpasses all competitors, winning one serious victory after another.

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