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The main characters of the Turkish crime series"Mafia can not rule the world" are members of the same family of criminals who can not imagine their own life without wealth and glory. However, public popularity and a huge fortune did not come to people just like that – for the benefits of civilization acting characters pay every day, and you can not be sure with firmness that the mafia happy with their own way of life.Unal made a living selling weapons to anyone who could pay. Federal services and police often warned the man not to supply"firearms" to members of terrorist groups, but the man did not change his own principles and did business with people, despite their religious or political worldviews. In the end, once on the doorstep of the mafia emerged agent of the intelligence service – the Nevzat Cancer.Now the house and relatives of Unal are under constant supervision of the security services. In addition, the wife learns that Mr. Kaplan her long and constantly changes, after which the home atmosphere is heated even more. What decision will the main character take? Will he want to leave the criminal business and start all over again?