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Original Title: Babylon Berlin
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Netflix,ARD,Sky 1
Creators: Tom Tykwer,Achim von Borries,Henk Handloegten
Description: 1973. Jean Paul Getty is an oil tycoon living in the Italian capital. It is not an easy task to put together such a huge capital, but it is even more difficult to keep it. Among the environment there are many people who want to chop off a solid piece of this money "pie". Once detractors come up with a plan to get what they want. They organize the kidnapping of the grandson of Getty, and then demand a ransom of $ 17 million. The bandits are absolutely sure that Jean will comply with their requirements. but, to everyone's surprise, grandfather makes a statement that will not give the kidnappers a single cent. The father of the kidnapped boy is a drug addict, for whom there is no hope. He is not able to adequately assess the situation, therefore, perceives the news as a ridiculous joke. The heartbroken mother of the child does not understand what to do next, but she is ready to fight alone for the life of her son. The only difficulty – she has no access to the finances of a wealthy relative and can not independently pay a huge amount for her.

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