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Original Title: Awake
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: NBC
Creators: Kyle Killen
Language: English
Description: Before You new and despite the fact that it will focus on employees of law enforcement bodies, it is not a criminal detective, Brooklyn 9-9, the real Comedy in the American style. But do not think that everything is silly, stupid and trite, the writers did a great job and made the series different from similar. Go directly to the story: Jake Peralta, detective one of the police stations, he is young and one might even say that to be in childhood. he's not taking anything seriously, not going to make your life better, every day he comes up with some gags and jokes over their colleagues, in whose eyes it is the usual lazy and a clown-funny. But it's worth noting that despite this, he and the team manage to unravel the darkest of the case and it would seem that all is well, all is quiet peaceful being investigated, but one not so nice day the captain of the precinct decides to retire and from that moment begins the most fun, but the fun lies in the fact that in its place comes a strict and demanding black captain Holt, he's not going to tolerate what is happening and is determined to reform Jake and there is no better way than to take it to his companions! I think you already guessed that these two opposite personalities and will entertain us in the show Brooklyn 9-9 his curiosities. Jake is not going to go on about the new captain and he's got his ways of disobedience, Holt, the name of the old hardened are not accustomed to fail and show insolent Fuckers!

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