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Original Title: Austin City Limits
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Creators: Bill Arhos
Language: English
Description: For ordinary people, miracles are a standard course of life. The miracle of birth, the miracle of saving human life, the miracle of the receiving Cup in this prestigious event, the miracle uttered the first "I love you " and other such trivial nature patterns. For people working in the field of health care and law enforcement, miracles happen much more often, but they are not always positive. For example, the FBI used to race with death and often overtake her until luck decides that it's time to go elsewhere. Similarly, thousands of saved lives do not cause a murmur of admiration, because it is such a banal and familiar thing for all successful agents. The main characters of the criminal-detective series "Blind spot Blind spot " season 2 online, visited the most incredible alterations and got out with minimal losses, but what is happening now, surprises even the most calm and thick-skinned of them. Not so long ago in their lives there was a mysterious woman, originally named Jane DOE, and after identified as missing decades ago, Taylor Shaw. The girl was the best friend of Kurt Weller, who eventually became one of the best agents of the FBI of new York. It was for him that Jane was thrown into Time Square in a bag with hundreds of unsolved mysteries and terrible corruption secrets. Similarly to the others, the confused DOE, prone to permanent amnesia due to a murderous dose of ZVP in her blood, could not answer why she was inside the bag, who she was and why her whole body is covered with fresh sinister tattoos. The first tattoo in the "Blind spot " recognizes the stranger herself. She's translating from a Chinese address where an Asian terrorist lives. Immediately after rescuing a local Senator and preventing a terrorist attack, Mayfair's team realizes that Jane's body is a real map to prevent the most dangerous criminal conspiracies, only in encrypted form. The second case is also a series of terrorist acts. A retired military and civil war hero, trying to destroy his enemies with three drones, but the agents thwart the terrible plans of the avenger. At the same time, DNA came back and confirmed Jane's fake identity. Kurt begins to think that he unreasonably accused his father of killing a childhood friend, and the stranger plays along with this. The past is starting to haunt Dow. In the eyes of the heroine of the series Blind spot 2 online dying man who decided to tell her the truth. After neutralization of the international gang of robbers, bettani includes Jane in structure of team of agents. The head of Department is afraid that Dow's body contains provocative information on scandalous illegal "Daylight " in which she took the main part. Mayfair wants to keep a "time bomb "in sight. Nevertheless, the team has another furor: the guys prevent the spread of deadly viruses on the planet. The Deputy head of the CIA hangs on the hook Tasha Zapata, drained on the sweepstakes 40 thousand bucks. He demands information from her about the new girl. Nick settles down and when it comes to being found by agents Solo Guerrero, knows the truth of "Daylight ", he kills the criminal and tries to kill Jane, but he interferes with Oscar. The guy kills Carter and saves the victim of the attack. Oscar turns out to be a lover from Jane's past. He shows a video where the girl says that she planned the whole thing and lost all memory. Fischer wants to displace mayfer from the chair of the boss, but he himself and substitutes, being a mole, draining the information to the Russian Embassy. Jane kills the traitor, lest he become known for her involvement in the death of Carter. Tasha is under new threats. Now she has to be a spy for the assistant attorney General. < li >
  • DOE is being hunted by her former ally Cade, and Oscar threatens to kill Kurt if she does not stop ignoring his requests for espionage. Sophia Varma's alive. At Bethany under the nose to kill Alexander. Matthew Whats makes the woman charges in three murders, but she escapes. Oscar kills Mayfair because she found out the truth about Dow. Kurt's father before his death admits that he really accidentally killed Taylor. Weller arrests Jane, who previously manages to kill Oscar and find out about a certain Shepherd, who plans to permanently deal with corruption in the government and for this he uses it.
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