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A hundred years ago, the life of our civilization changed. Inexplicably, there were huge creatures that started hunting for people. An unexpected neighborhood people, which giants unholy to eat, not appreciate. Began a terrible battle in which mankind is doomed to failure. To avoid destruction, people took refuge behind high and strong walls, through which the monsters can not get under force. Managed to build three walls, and then came a relatively quiet life-civilians lived without fear of being attacked by monsters, and the state has created an organization of scouts who began to leave safe areas to explore the situation... But in the last part of the animated series "Invasion of the titans" quiet life for the people ended – it is unclear where there was a giant, whose growth exceeded the height of the wall. He destroyed part of the building, allowing other titans to get inside. Witness this was the main character – a boy named Erren. The same day died mother of the boys, but he, along with his sister Mikasas managed to escape and join the scouts. In the beginning of season 2 it turns out that under the onslaught of the titans fell another wall, and in the past surrounding the city, the Rangers are reporting bricked giant…

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