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American TV series" Ascension"(Ascension) filmed in 2014 and belongs to the genre of"fiction". The beginning of the series takes place in 1963, at this time, the US Government begins its secret space mission. The only way to save humanity is to leave the Earth and move to another place more suitable for living. It is necessary to find a planet where the conditions would satisfy human life. In search of a new planet decided to send an expedition.The President calls on all residents to become volunteers for the expedition. Several hundred men, as well as women and children, were selected. In search of the unknown, the expedition went on a spaceship, whose name is"Ascension". Their journey was to last a hundred years. Everything went on as usual for 50 years, until on Board the ship there was a mysterious murder of a girl. This murder plunged all into shock and passengers of" ascension" try to find out in what the reasons of a crime and why this girl became the victim. Maybe the passengers should not have been involved in the investigation? After all, in the process of finding the truth you can find information that is not necessary to know.