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Original Title: Andromeda
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Global TV
Creators: Gene Roddenberry,Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Language: English
Description: 9784 year, star system tarn-Buckets. Here reigns the constitutional monarchy of the Commonwealth Systems operating in three galaxies: Triangle, Andromeda and the milky Way. Humanity also belongs to the system, and with it – many other races and civilizations living in the worlds belonging to the tarn Bucket. Space, studied far and wide, and star ships are moving freely in hyperspace, using for this purposes cosmic strings. The Commonwealth considers itself to be a utopian society, but this does not prevent the Magog – a predatory race of humanoids – from perceiving it as a potential enemy. To prove friendly intentions and conclude a peace Treaty with the militant race, they were given one of the key planets inhabited by the Nietzscheans. Considering this act as meanness and betrayal, the Nietzscheans, as revenge, conceived to overthrow the current government, staging a coup and creating their own Empire.

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