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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Mitchell Hawthorne built his Empire from scratch. A simple hard worker from a family of poor people was able to prove to the world business acumen, earning a name and a fortune in the production of concrete. Now a large family of Hathorns supports his eldest daughter, a purposeful woman, ready for the mayor of Boston to go on the heads of competitors. But in the midst of the race, her father gets sick, and he goes to the hospital with a heart attack. It turns out that the details have surfaced and dark-case of 14-year – old- the city is terrorized by an inventive serial killer, nicknamed the cunning of the papers Bell for the peculiar habit. Old Hathorne was crippled by the news that new evidence was found indicating the involvement of his family in the terrible murders of the past. Is it possible to assume that any of your favorite children or grandchildren may be associated with those dark events? In the big house for the first time in years, gathered a not too happy family and now each of the characters of the series "American Gothic" makes others legitimate suspicion, it is not without reason, fear for their lives. Until the new murders, the family must without the involvement of the police and excessive hype to calculate the violent relative. However, it will be difficult to do, because each of them hides in his closet a lot of skeletons and is not going to reveal the shameful secrets.