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Mountains or sea? SUV or sedan? "Vkontakte"or " Odnoklassniki"? "Griffins"or" American dad"? Eternal questions, a simple answer to that extremely difficult. But at least two of the four do not need to choose, because you can use two social networks at the same time and watch both animated series at once, especially since each of them is beautiful in its own way. However, now we will not be engaged in comparison, but simply plunge into the description of the plot of the new, 14th season of the serial cartoon, telling about the busy life of the acting CIA agent Stan Smith, who constantly falls to new challenges. Over the past few seasons, Stan has many times saved not only people, but also the whole world! And he did it so funny, and sometimes frankly ridiculous, that it was simply impossible to remain indifferent-almost every act of Smith Sr. caused sincere laughter. New episodes are no exception, so we plunge into the atmosphere of usual humor in the first series, when the main character lives dozens of times an annual holiday, desperately trying to find a way out of this situation.