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Original Title: All in the Family
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Johnny Speight,Norman Lear
Language: English
Description: The audience from the first shots will get acquainted with the main character of the TV series – the best child psychologist of America Mike Payner. His successful professional and personal life was interrupted by a sudden nervous breakdown, because of which he seriously injured himself. As a result, the man had to spend several months in a psychiatric hospital. After recovering his mental health and returning home, Mike found no support from his wife, who feared for the safety of their daughter, and was forced to settle separately from the family.these troubles caused Painter to make an unexpected decision. He went to the city of his childhood – a small town Ironhill in Ohio. In 1988, five children were killed there. The latest victim, whose body was never found, was a 12-year-old Eddie's twin brother Mike. Having lost the closest person, the future psychologist as if lost a part of himself. The boys ' father had left home before the accident. Mom barely recovered from fallen on her tragedy. And Mike was sent to live with his relatives, and since then he has not come to his native land.rnCrimes in Ironhill never revealed. Every two years, imagines himself the detectives have been visiting the sleepy town to investigate the old events. But so far no one has come close to a solution. Perhaps the Painter will be able to shed some light on the mystery of the sinister killings. Arriving in Ohio, where his mother still lives, he hopes to find out what happened here many years ago.the Man suspects that the terrible incidents have something to do with the creepy doll cartoon "candle Bay", which was shown on TV during his childhood. Now cartoon again began to twist on TV. Here is only to see "Bay" can only children taking, and adults a strange animation is perceived as disadvantages in live. While the newly-made detective understands the mysteries surrounding him, remembers Eddie and a gang of boys who did not give the brothers a pass and beat them at any opportunity, children begin to disappear again in the town.

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