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Original Title: Aftermath
Channel: Syfy
Creators: Glenn Davis,William Laurin
Language: English
Description: Action fascinating series takes place in a world where humanity is suddenly on the verge of total destruction in connection with the Apocalypse. Devastating natural disasters, massive meteor showers, devastating epidemics of deadly diseases – all this suddenly struck people, wanting to wipe out civilization from the face of the Earth. In addition, against the background of the ongoing natural disaster, the planet suddenly began to manifest paranormal activity, which was the attacks of terrible ghosts and obsessions of terrible demons. On top of that, in various places now and then began to occur cases of attacks on people unprecedented ferocious creatures that reduced to a minimum and already low chances of mankind to survive this apocalyptic madness.The plot revolves around Joshua and Karen Copeland, as well as their three children, Dana, Matt and Briana, who, like many others, were in the center of chaos reigned. Joshua is a talented Professor at a University who has spent most of his life studying the culture and religion of the peoples of the world, while receiving enough knowledge to help him in this situation. Karen is not only a loving mother, ready to protect the family with all her might, but also a former air force pilot, who has the necessary training, combat skills, and survival skills. And now our heroes will not only survive and save the family, but also try to find out where it all started.

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